Schneider settles in as county prothonotary

After garnering over 61 percent of the voters' approval in the November general election, Susanne Straub Schneider has settled in over the last few months as the county's new prothonotary.Susanne originally started out in the second deputy's position within the office, a post that served as a stepping stone for greater things to come."When the second deputy position became available, [Elk County Treasurer Peggy Schneider] asked me if I would be interested," Susanne said. "I interviewed with the prothonotary at the time, David Frey, and I was hired as second deputy, that was in 2010."In the beginning of 2011, [Frey] announced that he was going to retire and that got everyone's wheels spinning."With three deputies working in the office, their collective general consensus was that it would be better to have one of the deputies be elected prothonotary rather than a person with no office experience."We kind of talked amongst ourselves and I was the only one interested in undertaking the campaign because it really is an undertaking, putting yourself out there, and I thought that since I worked in the office I had a good grasp of how things are supposed to be done," Susanne said. "I thought it would be in everyone's best interests that someone 'on the inside' got that 'promotion,' I guess you could call it."