School board discusses business items

During Monday evening's St. Marys Area School District Board of Directors meeting, a variety of items were approved regarding several aspects of the district.Resident Marilyn Secco questioned the board as to why the National Anthem is not played during junior high and elementary sporting events.Secco said school board member Bob Luchini informed her that it was school board policy.Secco added that she believes having the National Anthem played at all grade level sporting events will provide a learning opportunity for the students as well."I think because so many people, like myself, have people in the military that it's only fair," Secco said. "It's a different kind of world today. If this was a policy in the past, it's time to address reassessing it and maybe changing it."School Board President Joe Goetz thanked Secco for her comments and concern, assuring her the board will discuss its decision during the public portion of February's meeting."This time period allows the board to prepare a formal answer and check the facts," Goetz said.Under business items, the board approved the purchase of a wheelchair vehicle in the amount of $22,410.86 from Zook Motors through funding from Medical Access.They also approved the 2011 proposed city tax office budget in the amount of $160,650.49, as well as a resolution indicating that there will be no increase in the rate of real estate tax by more than the index amount, at 1.8 percent, established by the Department of Education for the district.A motion was made to approve the advertising of bids submissions for the replacement of carpeting with rubber flooring in the hallways at South St. Marys Street Elementary and St. Marys Area High School.Also approved were transactions depositing an additional $300,000 into the Technology Reserve Fund for future technology purchases, depositing an additional $1,000,000 into the Retirement Reserve Fund in anticipation of the increase in employer contributions to the PSERS (Public School Employees' Retirement System) and depositing an additional $500,000 into the Capital Reserve Fund for future capital projects.In regard to the school calendar, the board approved holidays for Nov. 25 and 28, the Friday and Monday after Thanksgiving, Dec. 26 and 27, the Monday and Tuesday after Christmas and April 6, the Friday of Spring Break.For more on this story, see the Jan. 12 edition of The Daily Press.