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School board re-bids flooring project

February 15, 2011

Among the various business items recently approved by the St. Marys Area School District School Board was the re-bidding of the rubber flooring project for the St. Marys Area High School and South St. Marys Street Elementary School hallways.
Three companies submitted bids, all of which were rejected. The bids were from Faris Carpet, Inc. in Uniontown; Aramark, based in Philadelphia; and CB Flooring in Harrisburg.
Business Manager Cynthia FinGado stated the district is concerned about the lowest bid received, specifically in regard to details of how the work will be performed for floor preparation and installation.
The lowest bid was submitted by Faris for approximately $271,000, including $13,000 for floor preparation, compared to Aramark's cost of the same preparation procedure at $32,878 and CB's cost of $76,830.
Aramark's total bid was approximately $292,000, with CB Flooring's bid at nearly $295,000
Also of concern with the board was the installation guarantee, with Faris' set at one year, Aramark at three years and CB Flooring at two years.
Mark Romain, SMASD head of maintenance, said the new bids will include the specific details the district is looking for.
"We specifically want a three-year installation guarantee on the work," Romain said. "We need to tighten up the bids. The floor prep work needs to be more defined and specific."

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