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Secco Designs launches 'Charity Proud 2011' fund drive

August 31, 2011

Jen Spong screen-prints a T-shirt as part of Secco Designs' Charity Proud 2011 contest, which begins tomorrow. Photo by Amy Cherry.

Secco Designs, LLC is launching their "Charity Proud 2011" fund drive tomorrow as a way to benefit a deserving nonprofit charity and one lucky customer.
"There's so much going on with the economy today that charities need more donations," said Mary Secco, owner of Secco Designs. "Our goal is to give away a sizable amount of money."
As part of the fund drive, customers purchase a charity T-shirt, then fill out a form designating their charity of choice. On Dec. 18, one entry will be randomly drawn, with proceeds being donated directly to the customer's designated charity. In addition, the customer will win an Apple iPad 2.
The fund drive concludes on Dec. 16. Secco said she is planning to host a Christmas party on Dec. 18 in which the nominated charities will be invited when the winner is drawn.
The green T-shirts feature a simple purple design promoting the fund drive's website,, as well as the name of the event-- "Charity Proud 2011." One entry is earned for each T-shirt purchased; however, those purchasing six or more T-shirts will gain an extra entry for the drawing. One dollar from each T-shirt purchased will be placed in the fund. The amount in the fund may be tracked on the contest website at
"People can also make their entry in memory or in honor of a loved one," Secco said, adding that when the winning charity is drawn the money will be donated in that person's honor.

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