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Seeing pink

October 25, 2010

Sixth and seventh graders at the St. Marys Area Middle School dressed in pink clothing last Friday during a county-wide Pink Day in support of breast cancer awareness.

A county-wide effort to promote breast cancer awareness last Friday had area residents seeing pink.
As part of a county-wide Pink Day, students in the St. Marys, Ridgway and Johnsonburg school districts, as well as employees at the Elk County Courthouse and North Central, dressed in pink clothing and accessories.
The idea behind the event first came about two years ago when Kate McGonnell, a guidance counselor at the St. Marys Area Middle School, coordinated a district-wide pink day. Students were encouraged to wear pink and various events were held at each of the different schools.
Roben Daghir, an elementary guidance counselor in the Ridgway Area School District, remarked that she was happy to see the community organizations and schools collaborate on the event.
"It is fun to do county-wide events that unite all of our students and faculty in Elk County. The guidance counselors throughout Elk County have made efforts to share resources and programs in an effort to provide the same programs to all of our students. It is cost-effective and logical to share our resources where possible. I was very excited to see all of the students participate in the county-wide Pink Day. A lot of students put a great deal of time and effort into being 'pinked out' for Pink Day," Daghir said.
Moving forward, Daghir added that a greater effort will be made next year to ensure that Pink Day fits in better with the schedule at all of the area schools. This year's event was held on the same day as St. Marys Area High School's homecoming, when students had already planned to hold a 'spirit day' and wear their school colors of red, blue and white.
"Pink Day has taken on a life of its own in the area school districts," Daghir said. "Superintendents, administrators, athletic directors, faculty, teams and students have all supported the event and promoting breast cancer awareness."
For more on this story, see the Oct. 26 edition of The Daily Press.

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