SMA swim teams split with Clearfield squads Monday

ST. MARYS – It was a classic “duel in the pool” on Monday night when the St. Marys Swim and Dive Team met the Clearfield Bisons head-on at the SMAHS Natatorium. The District 9 drama took many twists and turns, ending in the Dutchmen outlasting the Bisons 105-80 to improve to 3-0 on the season. The Lady Dutch gave it their all but were beaten by the Lady Bisons 124-62, dropping to a 1-2 record.The evening kicked off with the Lady Dutch quartet of Melinda Stebich, Emma Daghir, Michaela Rupprecht and Kylee Proudfit coming out on top in the 200-yard medley relay. This was quickly followed by the Dutchmen matching the effort with a win in the boys’ medley relay consisting of Corey Koss, Andrew Cotter, Alex Renwick and Ryan Struble.From that point, the Clearfield squads made a run by taking the next four events, including a head-to-head battle between SM’s Jeffrey Moore and CHS’s Wyatt Flanagan in the boys’ 200-yard freestyle. Flanagan took an early lead in the race but Moore had enough gas at the end to close the gap, coming within .04 seconds of overtaking Flanagan at the final touch but resulting in Moore’s second-place finish.SM’s Daghir won the girls’ 50-yard freestyle, which broke the string of wins for Clearfield before heading into the diving competition, where the Dutchmen and Bisons were knotted 31-31 while the Lady Dutch were down by eight points.“The meet was a little closer than we expected, so we knew our divers needed to make a good showing to keep us in it and they did,” said diving coach Eric Wonderling.The SM trio of Jake Burns, Kyle Pistner and Tim Mosebarger turned the tables on the Bisons by grabbing the top three spots in boys’ diving, putting the Dutchmen ahead in points, which they maintained through the remainder of the meet.  On the flipside, the Clearfield girls were able to widen the gap by placing 1-2-3 despite a strong showing by Maranda Leidwinger, Alexis Hanes and Alette Kraknes of the Lady Dutch.After the diving break, Renwick took charge quickly by adding a win in the boys’ 100-yard butterfly.  Moore then easily won the boys’ 500-yard freestyle, followed by some mid-meet excitement when the foursome of Ryan Struble, Matt Hoffman, Renwick and Cotter took the blocks in the boys’ 200 freestyle relay.After two legs of the race, Renwick entered the water trailing the Clearfield “A” team but closed the gap, followed by Cotter’s impressive anchor split of 21.85 to overtake and win the event.After the relay win, the Dutchmen needed to keep up the momentum to ensure the overall win and Corey Koss contributed by adding a first place in the 100-yard backstroke, with teammate Wes Challingsworth coming from behind to take valuable second-place points.  In the last individual event, Cotter took on Clearfield’s 2011 state finalist Alex Fisher in the 100-yard breaststroke, winning the race with a strong back 50 effort.  This was immediately followed by Corey Koss, Hoffman, Moore and Cotter cruising to a win in the final boys’ 400-yard freestyle relay.“This meet was supercharged the whole night, with everyone pulling for each other,” said Coach Mark DeMuro. “Clearfield came ready to battle and they always give us a good contest no matter what.  Our kids rose to the challenge and even though the girls didn’t come out on top, they put in a great effort, as did the boys.”Other top individual finishes for the girls included McAnany’s second in the 100-yard freestyle and third in the 200-yard freestyle; Proudfit, who placed second in the 200-yard IM and third in the 100-yard breaststroke; Stebich, who placed third in both the 200-yard IM and 100-yard backstroke; Rupprecht, who took third in the 100-yard butterfly and Daghir with a second place in the 100-yard breaststroke. For the boys, Hoffman took second in the 100-yard freestyle and third in the 200-yard freestyle; Renwick placed second in the 50-yard freestyle; Ryan Struble placed third in the 50- and 100-yard freestyles and Scott Barber took third in the 100-yard breaststroke.The squads will travel to DuBois High School on Thursday for their fourth meet of the season, which begins at 6 p.m.Lady Dutch 62,Lady Bisons 124 200 medley relay – first (Stebich, Daghir, Rupprecht, Proudfit), third (Maranda Leidwinger, Mikayla O’Dwyer, Maura Keyes, Steph Buerk)200 freestyle – third McAnany, fifth Cassie Wonderling, sixth Megan Bridges200 IM – second Proudfit, fourth Stebich, sixth O’Dwyer50 freestyle – first Daghir, fifth Buerk, sixth Kraknes1M diving – fourth Maranda Leidwinger, fifth Hanes, sixth Kraknes100 butterfly – third Rupprecht, fifth Keyes100 freestyle – second McAnany, fifth Saige Leidwinger, sixth Bridges500 freestyle – fourth Wonderling, fifth Rebekah Caretti, sixth Aubrey Wiesner200 freestyle relay – second (Daghir, Rupprecht, McAnany, Proudfit, fourth (Buerk, Kraknes, Bridges, Stebich), sixth (Alexis Hanes, O’Dwyer, Lena Hanes, Krista Doran)100 backstroke – third Stebich, fourth Rupprecht, fifth Keyes100 breaststroke – second Daghir, third Proudfit, fifth O’Dwyer400 freestyle relay – third (McAnany, Wonderling, Maranda Leidwinger, Stebich), fourth (Buerk, Bridges, Kraknes, Keyes). Fourth (Saige Leidwinger, Doran, Caretti, Wiesner)Dutchmen 105, Bisons 80200 medley relay – first (Corey Koss, Cotter, Renwick, Ryan Struble), third (Challingsworth, Barber, Gideon Woelfel, Mosebarger), fifth (Alec Foster, Max Struble, Joshua Burns, Jake Burns)200 freestyle – second Moore, third Hoffman, sixth Joey Ferragine200 IM – second Corey Koss, fifth Nathan Koss, sixth Barber50 freestyle – second Renwick, third Ryan Struble, fourth Mosebarger1M diving – first Jake Burns, second Kyle Pistner, third Mosebarger100 butterfly – first Renwick, fifth Woelfel, sixth Ferragine100 freestyle – second Hoffman, third Ryan Struble, sixth Joshua Burns500 freestyle – first Moore, fourth Nathan Koss200 freestyle relay – first (Ryan Struble, Hoffman, Renwick, Cotter), third (Mosebarger, Challingsworth, Moore, Nathan Koss), fifth (Max Struble, Ferragine, Josh Reed, Woelfel)100 backstroke – first Corey Koss, second Challingsworth, sixth Foster100 breaststroke – first Cotter, third Barber, sixth Max Struble400 freestyle relay – first (Corey Koss, Hoffman, Moore, Cotter), third (Jake Burns, Joshua Burns, Nathan Koss, Challingsworth), fifth (Pistner, Reed, Foster, Woelfel)