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Solid Waste Authority holds reorganizational meeting

January 25, 2011

Elk County Solid Waste Authority Chairman Russ Braun and recycling/solid waste coordinator Bekki Titchner are shown listening to discussion during the group's reorganizational meeting Tuesday afternoon. Photo by Becky Polaski

The Elk County Solid Waste Authority held a reorganizational meeting prior to their regular monthly meeting on Tuesday afternoon.
Many aspects of the group remained the same, as Russ Braun was reappointed as the authority's chairperson, Dick Dallasen as the authority's vice president and John Moran as the authority's secretary. Jim DeVittorio was also reappointed as the authority's solicitor.
The group also plans to continue to meet on the last Tuesday of each month, with the exception of May, July and November. Previously, authority members would meet in November but not December, and Braun explained that this presented an issue when it came to the Elk County Commissioners making new appointments to the group.
"When terms are up, the commissioners want to appoint them at their reorganizational meeting at the beginning of the year, but we don't meet until the end of the month, so it kind of presents a problem because we can't make a recommendation to them until February pretty much," Braun said.
Authority members decided to hold a meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2011 and also announced that they will be holding their September 2011 meeting at the Veolia Greentree Landfill. Recycling and solid waste coordinator Bekki Titchner remarked that by announcing their September meeting plans now, the authority will be able to save money because they will not have to pay to have it re-advertised closer to the date.
"When we have the meeting at the landfill in September, because at the beginning of the year we just list all our meeting dates, we have to put an ad in [the paper] saying that it is changed to the landfill," Titchner said.
Braun added that it typically costs the authority around $100 to publish such a notice.

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