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St. Marys cross country squads beat Punxsutawney

September 28, 2011

Photo by Becky Polaski St. Marys Area's Alec Foster is shown at the midpoint of yesterday's boys' cross country race against Punxsutawney. Foster finished second overall in a time of 17:53.

The St. Marys Area High School cross country squads both picked up wins over Punxsutawney during a meet held at the St. Marys Area High school on Tuesday afternoon. The Dutchmen defeated the Chucks 27-29, while the Lady Dutch notched a 23-32 win over the Lady Chucks. Runners from DuBois Central Catholic also participated in the event.
In the boys' race, the overall winner was St. Marys' Gideon Woelfel in a time of 17:37. Woelfel's teammate Alec Foster was second with a time of 17:53. The next two runners to cross the line were Punxsutawney's Dane Baker and Nathan Wood, with times of 18:00 and 18:07 respectively. Crossing the line in fifth was Dutchman Dylan Shields in 18:16 followed by Punxsy's Seth Burkett in 18:44 and Bo Dinger in 18:53. St. Marys' Austin Frey finished in 19:11, followed by Derek Kelly in 19:28 for the Chucks, with one more Punxsy runner making it through ahead of Dutchman Nathan McFadden, who finished with a time of 19:52. Other St. Marys finishers were Mitchell O'Vell in 20:31, followed by Jordan Agosti in 22:37 and Nick Bush in 24:29. For DuBois Central, Paul Skraba finished eighth in 18:47, followed by Dunken Park in 18th and Conner Park in 20th, in 21:22 and 21:46 respectively.
In the girls' race, Lady Dutch runner Adair Gennocro took the win and set a new course record in a time of 18:34. St. Marys' Sloan Foster was second in 20:46. The first Punxsutawney runner to cross the line was Alexis Young, who finished third in 21:34. Fourth was St. Marys' Kaley Williams, followed by Punxsy's Julian Badar in 22:35 and Ala Small in 22:40. Seventh was St. Marys' Gina Schneider in 23:45 and eighth was Punxsutawney's Kristen Deen in 23:53. Finishing ninth was Lady Dutch runner Lexi Hanes in 24:37, followed by Tamara Anthony in 24:44 for the Lady Chucks. Other St. Marys finishers were Casey Kline in 28:37, followed by Rachel Schreiber in 28:47.
The St. Marys junior high boys' squad also picked up a 15-50 victory over Punxsutawney. St. Marys had the top five finishers, with Angelo Geitner taking the win with a time of 12:54. He was followed by Damon Krise in 13:02, Mitchell Schreiber in 13:24, Zeph Woelfel in 13:34 and Ryan Bunnon in 13:35. Other St. Marys finishes were: Joe Guido in 13:49, Garrett Struble in 14:01, Cameron Resch in 14:34, Paul Lenze in 15:10, Zack Polino in 17:15, Justin Beck in 17:56 and Jordan Adams in 23:44. The top Punxsutawney runners finished eighth through twelfth, with Austin McKenderee being the first Punxsy runner to cross the line with a time of 14:23. He was followed by Keysten Perry in 14:57, Joseph Wittman in 15:52, Dylan Moore in 16:45 and Jake Digger in 17:27.
Lady Dutch runners competing in the event were Shelby Schreiber, who finished with a time of 14:25, and Rachel Carretti, who crossed the line in 17:03.
"The kids ran very well today. Nearly all of the runners had their personal bests today," said St. Marys junior high coach David Fordoski.

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