St. Marys gymnastics squad beats DuBois Area

The St. Marys Area gymnastics squad recorded a 128.900-106.525 victory over the DuBois Area gymnasts on Saturday at a meet held at the St. Marys Area Middle School gym.Molly Eshbach set a new school record in the vault competition with her score of 9.425."This was the last home meet and regular meet of the season and our senior gymnasts were recognized: Molly Eshbach, Bobbi Fox, Justin Huey and Megan Longhi," said Irene McCandless, head coach of the St. Marys squad. "We had a real good day. For the most part, the kids hit their routines beautifully."Senior Molly Eshbach broke the school record again in vault with a 9.425. The team did a tremendous job on vault and set a new record on this event with a 35.125 score. They also hit their highest floor event score of the season."Overall, the team had a pretty good day and it was a nice ending to the regular season." Molly Eshbach of the SMA squad won the vault competition with a score of 9.425. Teammate Michaela Sorg finished second with a score of 8.700, while another teammate, Justin Huey, was third with a score of 8.650. St. Marys Area's Abby Wittman finished fifth with an 8.35 score and Megan Longhi was sixth with an 8.15 score. DuBois Area's Kayla Stockdale was fourth with an 8.425 score and Chereese Langlay was seventh with a 7.850 score. Other DuBois scores in vault were Alexis Braid (8th) with 7.65, Damon Clark (9th) with 7.45, and Savannah Adair (10th) with a 6.850. St. Marys won the vault competition by a 35.125-31.375 score.Justin Huey led the Dutch in the bars competition with a first-place score of 7.700. Molly Eshbach was second with a 7.675 score, followed by Michaela Sorg with 7.200 and Megan Longhi with a 7.175. Abby Wittman of St. Marys finished fifth with a 6.925. DuBois finished sixth through 9th: Clark 5.900, Stockdale 4.325, Langlay 4.135 and Stafford 2.970. St. Marys won the bars competition by a 29.750-17.325 score.The Dutch also won the beam competition by a 30.625-27.475 score. Mackenzie Neureiter finished first for St. Marys with an 8.550 score. Michaela Sorg was third with a 7.800 score and Molly Eshbach was fourth with a 7.625 score. Taking sixth place was Magan Longhi with a 6.650 score, with Bobbi Fox finishing eighth with a 5.925 score. Stockdale finished second for DuBois with an 8.200 score. Other DuBois scores were: Braid (5th) 7.325, Langlay (7th) 6.450, Stafford (9th) 5.500, and Adair (10th) 2.950.St. Marys also won the floor exercise by a 33.400-30.350 score. Molly Eshbach took first place with an 8.700 score, followed by Megan Longhi (2nd) 8.425, Mackenzie Neureiter (3rd) 8.225, Michaela Sorg (5th) 8.050, and Justin Huey (8th) 7.325. The DuBois squad was paced by Stockdale (4th) 8.200, Langlay (6th) 7.850, Braid (7th) 7.375, Stafford (9th) 6.925, and Nikki Hunter (10th) 2.800.Molly Eshbach finished first in the all-around with a total score of 33.400. Michaela Sorg finished second with a 31.750 score, and Megan Longhi was third with a 30.400. Stockdale took fourth with a 29.150 and Langlay was fifth with a 29.275 score.Playing exhibition for St. Marys were MacKenzie Neureiter in vault, 7.55, and bars, 4.925; Abby Wittman in floor with a 6.375; and Bobbi Fox in vault with a 6.35.St. Marys Area will host the Central Pa. Gymnastics League championships on Saturday at the St. Marys Area Middle School. The event is scheduled for an 11 a.m. start.