St. Marys schools earn Keystone awards

St. Marys Area School District principals were recently presented with Keystone Achievement Awards, signifying each school's achievement in reaching adequate yearly progress (AYP).South St. Marys Street, Fox Township and Bennetts Valley Elementary schools, along with St. Marys Area Middle and High schools, were among the state's schools receiving the awards. "Just as schools should proudly display trophies for athletic and extracurricular accomplishments, displaying a Keystone Achievement Award is a way to acknowledge the school's academic accomplishments," Kearney said. "These awards reinforce the hard work that our schools are doing and the success their students are achieving. Keystones reflect the commitment of students, families, teachers and the entire education community."This year's awards were given to public schools who achieved AYP during the 2008-09 and the 2009-10 school years.