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Students organize food drive to provide Thanksgiving meals

November 17, 2011

Photos by Amy Cherry - SMAHS students are shown with the large donation to the St. Marys Christian Food Bank they made as part of a school-wide food drive they hosted to provide Thanksgiving meal supplies to area families.

St. Marys Area High School (SMAHS) students are making Thanksgiving meals possible for 45 area families this year through their recent collection of items to donate to the St. Marys Christian Food Bank.
SMAHS Principal Josh Williams explained the event came about when students approached school personnel about conducting a food drive.
Teacher Julie Bish introduced the concept of personalizing the donation by inquiring with the food bank as to what food items would be needed to create a complete Thanksgiving dinner for a family.
Each advisory period class then compiled what type of items should be on each family's list to collect.
"Our students did very well, every class fulfilled their list while some did more than one," Williams said.
Students collected enough food to create 42 Thanksgiving dinners, with the front office staff adding another three dinners, enough to furnish the 45 families with a full Thanksgiving feast.
"The catalyst behind this is something that we’ve worked on this year as a school community. We are working towards developing a culture of respect, honor, and potential," Williams said. "Thinking beyond ourselves and realizing that we can play a role in helping our community is part of reaching our potential as human beings."

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