Supervisors address streetlight issue

WEEDVILLE – Streetlight issues were a concern addressed by the Jay Township Supervisors during their recent monthly meeting. The supervisors received a letter from Jay Township resident Christine Gavazzi, indicating that she was unhappy with the streetlight tax she was being assessed because she did not believe the light had any impact on her property. In her letter, which was dated Feb. 16, Gavazzi stated, "We do not benefit at all from the light closest to our property. It doesn't seem fair to have to pay for a light when it doesn't provide any light for our property."Gavazzi noted in the letter that she currently pays $45 a year for the streetlight tax and asked the supervisors what could be done. While Gavazzi's letter indicated that she is a resident of River Road, the supervisors were unsure which light Gavazzi was specifically referring to, noting that they are located every so many feet along the roadway. "You go by the pole numbers," Supervisor Murray Lilley said, explaining that before anything could be done the township would have to find out which light Gavazzi was referring to in her letter. Supervisor Jeremy Rippey took a different stance, stating that it was not a good idea to even consider removing a streetlight. "You can't remove a streetlight anyway, they're here for the safety of the town," Rippey said. Supervisor Francis Gustafson explained that since the request was made, the supervisors still needed to address it even if they did not plan to remove any lights.