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Supervisors approve purchase of time clock

October 21, 2010

From left, Jay Township supervisors Francis Gustafson, Murray Lilley and Jeremy Rippey discuss purchasing a time clock for township employees during their meeting on Thursday evening. Photo by Becky Polaski.

After several months of debate, the Jay Township Supervisors voted to approve the purchase of a time clock for township employees during their monthly meeting on Thursday evening.
Jay Township resident and former supervisor Bob Coppolo inquired whether the supervisors had given any thought to a policy for the time clock, including what employees would be required to punch in every day.
Supervisor Francis Gustafson responded that all employees, including the township's secretary, would be required to utilize the time clock.
Coppolo also asked what the consequence would be for employees who punched in late.
"It would be like anything, as long as it wasn't all the time," Gustafson said.
Gustafson indicated that the supervisors would make a policy for the time clock once it was installed.
According to Gustafson, the time clock will be electronic and employees will be required to scan a card. The information will be sent directly to a computer. The clock is expected to cost between $200 to $300.
Coppolo further inquired whether there was the suspicion that working hours have been abused by township employees.
"I just think everybody should have a time clock instead of just writing it in," Gustafson said.
Supervisor and current roadmaster Murray Lilley remarked that he was in opposition to the idea of having a time clock.
"I don't agree with the time clock because we have to do all the paperwork anyway and the state requires the handwritten logs anyway. There isn't even a state agency anywhere that has a time clock," Lilley said.
Newly seated supervisor Jeremy Rippey stated that he has no issue with the purchase of a time clock as long as a policy is put in place.
"I don't see what the issue is with the time clock," Rippey said. "If everybody's putting in their time, then what's the difference if you slide a card through on your way to work?"

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