Supervisors continue to review proposed ordinance

On Wednesday evening, the Fox Township Supervisors heard testimony from several residents regarding the township's proposed zoning ordinance and map amendments. As part of the proposed zoning ordinance, the township is looking to specify requirements for outdoor furnaces, woodburners, oil and gas wells and windmills.Supervisor Randy Gradizzi said he is happy with the outdoor furnace ordinance but wants to look at setback issues for the water course."It's an important issue and we're not going to move too quick," said Mike Keller, supervisor chairman. According to Keller, the supervisors will take the ordinance back to the planning commission, where both entities can further discuss it. Gardner Hill Road resident Diane Hrusth was in attendance at the meeting. She said she received a letter from Fox Township Code Enforcement Officer Robin Singer stating she has accumulated an excessive amount of lawnmowers on her property."You have the wrong property because I live 2/10 [of a mile] back off of the road and you cannot see my house or any of my buildings from the road," Hrusth said. "Anyone can check it out. That is not my property."She added that her mailbox sits further up the road and questioned Singer as to why she would own a house and garage that far from the mailbox with woods in between, and also why he was near her property.Singer explained that he had several complaints on a property in the area and when he pulled the tax map and records, Hrusth was listed as the owner of the property in question. "What we'll do is investigate further," Keller said.Hrusth emphasized that she only owns one push lawnmower and one regular mower and they are stored inside her garage unless she is mowing. Singer explained how the township came to their decision and that a simple phone call to the township office could have helped."I'm going with our best records and we appreciate the comments on it," Singer said."I don't like to be accused of something I haven't done," Hrusth said. "When you find out that you're wrong, I would like an apology."Another township resident requested the township repair some damaged stop signs and road signs, specifically those located on Ridge and Keller roads. Keller said the road crew will take an inventory of damaged signs within the township."Theft of signs have become a big issue in the township. We have a list of signs that have been stolen just this year and the cost totals in the thousands of dollars," Gradizzi said. In order to further prevent this type of theft, Gradizzi said the township has purchased several cameras, which have proven themselves useful as several arrests have been made in relation to sign thefts."We will continue to use the cameras to police the signs," Gradizzi said.He noted they will also use the cameras along some of the areas where it is common to find littering.