Supervisors discuss court surface issue

The Fox Township Supervisors plan to have a new topcoat applied to a multi-use court that was recently installed at the Fox Township Community Park in order to fix issues with the smoothness of its surface. During their monthly meeting on Wednesday evening the supervisors unanimously voted to officially contact the contractor who applied the initial topcoat, explain the situation, define the standard of flatness that is expected and inform him that the surface must meet that standard before he will be paid. Supervisor Randy Gradizzi noted that he had sent an e-mail to members of the Recreation Board and their main concern was that the court was flat enough to be safe. "The majority of them weren't happy that the humps the entire length of the court were still going to be there," Gradizzi said. The supervisors did not state the name of the contractor who was responsible for the initial topcoat. The court will be used for volleyball, basketball and roller hockey. The supervisors explained that the bid documents used for the court surface were the same ones that they use for their roads and these documents establish a standard of how flat the surface must be. For more on this story see the Dec. 2 edition of The Daily Press.