Supervisors discuss parking lot, other issues

The Fox Township Supervisors recently discussed creating a parking lot in the industrial park near the adjacent soccer fields.The township has a five-year lease agreement with SinterFire, who owns the land the soccer fields are situated on. The township is currently in the second year of the lease. Supervisor Chairman Mike Keller requested fellow Supervisor, Public Works Director and Roadmaster Randy Gradizzi to look into what would be required to put in a parking lot next to the fields. Gradizzi explained the township would have to cross a stream bed, which would require putting in a walking bridge. He added that he is working on scheduling a meeting with a representative from the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) to discuss the environmental requirements."It will take a lot more time and material than we originally thought," Gradizzi said.Elco Sintered has an agreement with the township for use of its land for a parking lot; however, Keller added the parking lot would be located on township property."I am only comfortable with putting it (the parking lot) on private property if the township had a long-term lease (with them)," Keller said.Recreational Facilities Director Deb Agosti said the township could work on possible negotiating a longer lease."I don't want to lose the positive relationship we have with the property owners," Agosti said.Keller emphasized he does not want to move forward without a longer agreement. "Elco Sintered has been very generous to the Rec Board and the township. I just want to make sure there is a valid legal agreement between the two entities," Keller said.Under new business, Fox Township Code Enforcement Officer Robin Singer requested an allotment to purchase work clothing rather than utilizing the Paris Uniform service. Keller said he was "not excited about the idea."