Tiptoe through the tulips

Bring the tulip and the rose,While their brilliant beauty glows.~ Eliza Cook, 1818–1889, British poet and authorThis tulip garden soaks up the late-day sun. With 109 species, tulips make excellent cut flowers, typically lasting one week in a vase. Although classified as a spring-blooming perennial, tulips are usually treated as annuals. Tulips originated in Turkey, getting their name from a word meaning turban, which they were thought to resemble. In addition, tulips are very disease-resistant, with some experts stating that for best results, bulbs should be planted in October or November. Holland is the world's main exporter of tulips, with growers planting as many as three billion bulbs annually. It is estimated the first tulips grown in the U.S. were at the Spring Pond at the Fay Estate in Salem, Mass.