Titchner: Volunteers are lifeblood of recycling center

The success of the Community Recycling Center, located in the Stackpole Complex in St. Marys, has been due, in large part, to the volunteers who keep the facility operational, according to recycling coordinator Bekki Titchner. "That was one of the initial ideas behind this center, was that it would be a community center so people from the community would help it operate, and that's exactly what's happening," Titchner said. While volunteers provide assistance at the center during all of its hours of operation, Titchner noted that there is a particular need for additional volunteers on Wednesday evenings. "Since late last October, those evening hours have been, for the most part, staffed by volunteers. With one of those volunteers leaving to take a new job, we are left with one person to staff the center and we could really like to have another volunteer or two to help," Titchner said. Individuals of any age can help out at the center, a point Torri Wonderly, a rising senior at St. Marys Area High School, was quick to make on Monday afternoon. That day marked her second time volunteering at the facility to earn service hours for school, and she explained that she chose to spend her time at the center "because it's helping out in the community and it gives you something to do during the summer." Wonderly remarked that the work was not hard and would occasionally reach a lull as she and other volunteers waited for residents to drop off more material. While at the center from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., she noted that most of her time was spent separating various recyclables. "They have us separating plastics and cardboard and then we separate the different types of papers like magazines and such," Wonderly said. Wonderly said he enjoyed her first experience volunteering at the center so much that she encouraged her friend Sarah Bobenrieth, a rising senior at Elk County Catholic High School, to join her on Monday.