Volunteers add some color to downtown St. Marys

As I was editing a story Sunday night, I read about Mr. Tom Heindl of the local In Town Gardeners Club. This club is a group of volunteers who spend time doing all kinds of garden-related activities, and one of those activities is beautifying downtown St. Marys during various seasons by planting and placing containers of flowers in various locations. Mr. Heindl stuck out in my mind because the article (by Amy Cherry) noted that he planted yellow mums, and although he did receive some money from the city to do so, he paid for the rest out of his own pocket. I don't know how much he paid - it could have been $2 or $200. But it reminded me of how many people there are in this area who go the extra mile, whether they give their time, money, or knowledge of a particular subject, to make our community a better place to live. I like to garden, and I love flowers, so I would have checked out all those planters anyway. But now I'll have just a little bigger smile on my face when I see them because I know they were planted for me - and for you, and for everyone who drives through or walks around our downtown. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.