Youth group assists Guardian Angel Center

The Guardian Angel Center in Kersey was recently visited by the Shiloh Presbyterian Youth Group. The group learned about the history of the center, its mission, information about who is eligible to receive services, and just what is provided to clients. They learned that the center currently distributes clothing to eligible families who are struggling financially and that over 800 students from 26 communities were provided with new and gently used clothing and shoes during the past school year. After a tour of the facility, the youth pitched in and assisted the Guardian Angel volunteers by labeling and hanging up gently used clothes and transporting new items from storage in preparation for the new school year. The Youth Group and the Shiloh Presbyterian community are currently completing the collection of new and used blue jeans for the center. The Youth Group included: Lauren Atwell, Sarah Banks, Nikki Hanes, Jeff Herbstritt, Kyle Herbstritt, Zach Herbstritt, Ashley McDowell, Anna McGonnell, Willie McGonnell, Carli Meeker, Paige Nicklas, Kate Timashenka, and Ben Wiest. They were accompanied by their leaders: Kate McGonnell, Jay Moore, Terri Supon, and Doty McDowell. Photo submitted.