The Daily Press The Daily Press | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2015-01-30T23:33:57-05:00 defect doesn't faze Fox Twp. youngster2015-01-30T23:33:57-05:002015-01-30T23:33:57-05:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressAn omphalocele is a birth defect in which an infant's intestine or other abdominal organs are outside of the body due to a hole in their belly button area. The organs are covered only by a thin layer of tissue and can easily be seen.Although she is still plagued with ongoing health issues, Fiona thrives as a preschool student at St. Boniface School in Kersey where she enjoys being in the classroom."She doesn't think of herself as being sick or different. She has an awesome attitude, is always happy and has a smile on her face," said her mother, Meghan O'Dell. "She is very loving and gives everyone compliments. She tells my mom and I that we are beautiful almost every day probably because we have always told her that."Fiona lives in Dagus Mines. She is the daughter of Meghan O'Dell and Tom O'Dell.Today, the Mothers of Omphalocele's or MOOs as they have whimsically dubbed themselves, celebrate Omphalocele Awareness Day. They encourage supporters to wear black and white attire along with black and white cow print ribbons in recognition of the condition. St. Marys, PAAmy CherryBirth defect doesn't faze Fox Twp. youngsterDaily Dutch raise funds for American Cancer Society2015-01-30T23:31:41-05:002015-01-30T23:31:41-05:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressSt. Marys, PANo author availableLady Dutch raise funds for American Cancer SocietyDaily Fire Dept. dispatched to Pontzer Avenue2015-01-30T23:24:06-05:002015-01-30T23:24:06-05:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressSt. Marys, PANo author availableCrystal Fire Dept. dispatched to Pontzer AvenueDaily OF THE DAY: 5 Super Bowl Facts That Will Change The Way You Watch2015-01-30T17:28:20-05:002015-01-30T17:28:20-05:00Copyright 2010 Daily Press <script type="text/javascript"async src="" id="_nw2e-js"></script>St. Marys, PANo author availableVIDEO OF THE DAY: 5 Super Bowl Facts That Will Change The Way You WatchDaily Bets Guide To the Big Game2015-01-30T17:24:24-05:002015-01-30T17:24:24-05:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressFor the biggest game in all of football, you can bet on just about anything. What we have done here is selected some of our favorite things to bet on and give bold predictions. If you want some free money, read on!SPECIAL (NE vs SEA) - How long will it take Idina Menzel to sign the US National Anthem?Over/Under 2 minutes 1 second · OVER- She has done the National Anthem on multiple occasions. In her earlier appearance she was under more later over. Her fame is at an all-time high thanks to Frozen. She will really bring it in a drawn out way.SPECIAL (NE vs SEA) - How many times will "Deflated Balls" be referred to during the game? Over/Under 2½· OVER- That’s all we have heard about all week. Is it suddenly going away? Probably not.SPECIAL (NE vs SEA) - Will Bill Belichick smile during the game on camera? Yes +150 (3/2) No -200 (1/2) · NO- This one is going to be close and Bill doesn’t let his guard up until he knows it’s over. You can bet he will crack a smile when they hand the Lombardi trophy to him though.SPECIAL (NE vs SEA) - How many times will Katy Perry be mentioned in the 1st Half? Over/Under 1½· OVER- Hey they are giving away free money on this one! She needs an intro and no doubt Al Michaels is excited to see her prancing around at half time.SPECIAL (NE vs SEA) - Which song will Katy Perry perform first at Halftime? Firework 3/2 Roar 3/2 This Is How We Do 5/1 Dark Horse 12/1 E.T. 12/1 Wide Awake 12/1 Waking Up In Vegas 20/1 · ROAR- My personal favorite would be Dark Horse and she will play it at some point, but it won’t be the lead track. Roar just seems like the most football oriented and will get the crowd juiced up.SPECIAL (NE vs SEA) - What color will Katy Perry's hair be when she begins the Halftime show? Black/Brown 2/1 Pink/Red 3/1 Blue/Green 3/1 Blonde 4/1 Purple 5/1· PURPLE- She did a press conference yesterday with black hair, but that doesn’t mean much. She’s got a lot of showmanship in her and half time at the big game is no time to be modest with her hair color. She will be rocking the most purple hair you’ve ever seen.SPECIAL (NE vs SEA) - How many times will Gisele Bundchen be show on TV? Over/Under 1½· OVER- I predict a New England win so they will show her at least once on the field during the celebration meaning all they need to do is show her once between a couple clutch plays by Brady.SPECIAL (NE vs SEA) - Who will be shown more on TV during the game? Robert Kraft -200 (1/2)Paul Allen +150 (3/2)· KRAFT- I have watched a lot of games and have seen Kraft a million times. I could pick him out of a line u of a bunch of rich old guys wearing a suit and sneakers.SPECIAL (NE vs SEA) - Will it be mentioned that Pete Carroll was the last head coach of the Patriots? Yes +110 (11/10) No -150 (2/3) · They absolutely will. These guys aren’t doing their job if they don’t let the casual fan know this. I know it, but hey, I’m a nerd that has been chained to my couch every Sunday for the last 20 weeks watching every game they schlep out there.SPECIAL (NE vs SEA) - What Color will the Gatorade (or liquid) be that is dumped on the Head Coach of the Winning Super Bowl Team? Orange 3/2 Yellow 5/2 Clear/Water 3/1 Red 15/2 Blue 15/2 Green 10/1 · Clear- I think New England wins and Belichick is a plain Jane that probably only allows water on the sideline. Seattle won last year and went a little wild with 2 Gatorade baths. One yellow, one clear. Only some books paid out both.(NE vs SEA) - The first score of the game will be? New England Patriots Rushing TD 11/2 · The Seattle Safety to begin last year’s game paid out at 75-1. That’s not happening again. Blount gets loose as everyone is focusing on stopping Gronkowski on the first drive.Super Bowl XLIX MVP - Odds to Win Rob Gronkowski 9/1 · Give me those odds. He might be the most important player for New England come Sunday outside of Tom Brady, but Brady’s odds are a mere 8/5. I’d rather take the risk and get paid out 4 times as much.(NE vs SEA) - Player to score the first TD in the game? LeGarrette Blount (NE) RB 9/1 · Give me Blount and the good odds. You can get Gronkowski or Lynch at lower odds, although they are probably better bets, Blount offers a much better pay out.PLAYER PROPS(NE vs SEA) - Total Passing Yards - Tom Brady (NE) Over/Under 260½· OVER- Brady is averaging just under 300 yards a game in the post season and had a low output in the conference championship due to the success of the run game, poor weather and the fact his team stomped Indianapolis and didn’t need to pass.(NE vs SEA) - Total Rushing Yards - LeGarrette Blount (NE) Over/Under 62½· OVER- Low requirement for a guy that will get at least 20 touches and ran for 148 last week.(NE vs SEA) - Total Rushing Yards - Russell Wilson (SEA) Over/Under 40½· OVER- Russell has only rushed for 47 yards all post season, but rushed for over 40 yards in over half his games this year. He won’t be as concerned about the abuse on his body as he is going for back to back championships.(NE vs SEA) - Total Rushing Yards - Marshawn Lynch (SEA) Over/Under 92½· UNDER- The New England defense will be keying to stop him any way possible. They would rather challenge Wilson to throw than give up bruising yards from Lynch.St. Marys, PANo author availableProp Bets Guide To the Big GameDaily cards of love2015-01-29T22:26:12-05:002015-01-29T22:26:12-05:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressSt. Marys, PANo author availableSending cards of loveDaily makes false police reports to get ride2015-01-29T22:24:17-05:002015-01-29T22:23:54-05:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressEdward Adam Robuck, 40, didn't get the transportation service he was looking for, and his alleged ruse cost him two misdemeanor charges of false reports and two misdemeanor charges of misusing 911.St. Marys, PAJim MeyerMan makes false police reports to get rideDaily benefits from recycling fundraiser2015-01-29T22:25:07-05:002015-01-29T22:22:32-05:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressThe fundraiser, which was a test fundraiser for the solid waste authority, started in October to coincide with National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.To raise the funds, the Elk County Solid Waste Authority collects electronics and sends them to Orro Fundraising, a company that refurbishes electronics, sells them and provides 30 percent of the profits back to the solid waste authority. St. Marys, PARichie LeckerCAPSEA benefits from recycling fundraiserDaily Preview and Predictions2015-01-29T17:45:35-05:002015-01-29T17:45:35-05:00Copyright 2010 Daily Press New England vs. Seattle2/1 6:30 (ET)University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, AZ These teams last met in week 6 of the 2012 season with Seattle coming out on top 24-23. Outspoken Seattle CB Richard Sherman approached Tom Brady after the game to say “You mad bro?” after Brady guaranteed victory earlier in the week. Brady will have the chance to avenge this loss on the biggest stage of all. Since that game, both teams’ cores remain mostly intact. Seattle still has their vaunted “Legion of Boom” secondary featuring Sherman, Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas. On offense, Seattle is still paced by dual threat QB Russell Wilson, powerful RB Marshawn Lynch and receivers Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse. New England’s offense will feature QB Tom Brady, TE Rob Gronkowski, WR Brandon LaFell and RB LaGarrette Blount. On defense, New England has a great secondary led by off season acquisition corner backs Brandon Browner and Darrell Revis. Browner was on Seattle last year and Revis was acquired from Tampa Bay. Let’s take a look at how these teams match up. When New England has the ball:New England is hard to figure out. Some games they can heavily favor the pass or run. For example, last week RB LaGarrette Blount ran the ball 30 times for 148 yards and 3 touchdowns in their demolition of Indianapolis. The prior week, Brady threw the ball 50+ times in the narrow comeback victory over Baltimore. Weather could dictate which way they will lean as it was quite a rainy mess against Indianapolis. The game is being played in Arizona with a retractable roof, so we should expect dry conditions. A balanced attack should be expected as Brady thrives off play action passing. The run should set them up, as it will draw defenders to the line and expose matchups for electrifying TE Rob Gronkowski. The key matchup is 6’5” safety Kam Chancellor who should match up well with the 6’7” Gronkowski who typically overpowers smaller safeties. However, the strong running of Blount could force Seattle to bring more men into the box. When Seattle has the ball:Seattle runs a balanced attack as QB Russell Wilson plays a very heady game and typically makes good decisions. Last week, he threw 4 interceptions, but still found a way to win vs. Green Bay in the waining minutes and overtime. Wilson is not afraid to tuck it and run the ball should his less than stellar receiving corps fails to find openings in a tough New England secondary that can probably stick to man to man coverage a lot. Look for LB Rob Ninkovich to be spying Wilson most of the game to try to defend against Wilson running the ball on passing plays. Although, Marshawn Lynch in known as a physical power running back look for him in the passing game. He is a solid route runner with good hands. New England will try to put LB Jamie Collins on him as much as possible. Collins is one of the best linebackers in the league in pass coverage. Verdict:This will be a physical game as both teams attempt to make history. Seattle will try to become the first back to back champs since New England did so in 2003-04. New England will be going for its 4th championship which would tie QB Tom Brady for most championships as a starting quarterback. Coach Bill Belichick would also tie Chuck Knoll for most championships by a head coach. This will be a close one, but the experienced Tom Brady leads New England on a game winning 4th quarter drive.New England 24-20 St. Marys, PANo author availableChampionship Preview and PredictionsDaily project on the horizon2015-01-29T00:10:02-05:002015-01-29T00:10:02-05:00Copyright 2010 Daily Press"I categorize it as an exciting potential new economic development project for our region," adding the project has become a high priority for North Central, especially over the past few weeks. St. Marys, PARichie LeckerRailroad project on the horizonDaily