The Daily Press The Daily Press | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2015-05-28T23:40:16-04:00 legislators discuss budget issues at AHUG dinner2015-05-28T23:40:16-04:002015-05-28T23:40:16-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressThe panel discussion featured a question-and-answer section that focused strongly on the upcoming state budget and how it will impact the timber industry.The first question that was asked of the legislators was a request to know where the state's budget process currently sits.St. Marys, PARichie LeckerState legislators discuss budget issues at AHUG dinnerDaily celebrates Newspapers In Education program 2015-05-28T23:38:16-04:002015-05-28T23:38:16-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressSt. Marys, PANo author availableSSMSE celebrates Newspapers In Education program Daily continue at SMA Stadium2015-05-28T23:32:19-04:002015-05-28T23:32:19-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressSt. Marys, PANo author availableRenovations continue at SMA StadiumDaily activity sparks concern of council2015-05-27T23:32:35-04:002015-05-27T23:32:35-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressThis prompted Mayor Bob Howard to invite Rose Campbell, Penn Highlands Elk president, to address such concerns at a recent council meeting.Following a presentation by Campbell about the facility, Councilman Greg Gebauer posed numerous questions and scenarios to Campbell. For the past month Gebauer has spoke with doctors, nurses and employees after which he compiled a list of their concerns about the facility. "Right now the community doesn't see it being made better. They turn to us for answers," Gebauer said.In March, Penn Highlands Elk eliminated 28 employees, instituted a reduction in hours for 25 others, and does not plan to fill 15 positions that are or soon will become vacant due to previous resignations or scheduled retirements.In April, the facility changed its status to a critical access hospital (CAH). According to the American Hospital Association, CAH's are in a delicate state as they are supported by fragile financial foundation. Without having the same economies of scale as their large counterparts, 60 percent of CAH's revenue comes from government payers.St. Marys, PAAmy CherryPHE activity sparks concern of councilDaily meet for Decker's Chapel repairs2015-05-27T23:30:39-04:002015-05-27T23:30:39-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressThe building's foundation has shifted over time due to a number of issues including lack of drainage and harsh winter conditions. The foundation issues were discovered at the end of March."When we first met here with Charlie Steger, the original thought was secure the building, lift it, move it over and then the excavation would happen, drainage, and so forth," said Elk County Commissioner Dan Freeburg. "Everyone determined [Wednesday] that they don't want to take the risk of physically moving the building away to do the work. We're just going to lift it up in place, leave it where it is, except raise it, and all the work will be done underneath. "This will mean a little bit more labor and costs that way, but it's a sure way of getting it done with less danger and risk to the building. That's the only thing that has changed."St. Marys, PAJoseph Bell, Daily Press EditorOrganizers meet for Decker's Chapel repairsDaily budget a concern for North Central2015-05-27T23:22:22-04:002015-05-27T23:22:22-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressEric Bridges, the executive director of North Central, said he has been hearing rumors that the budget process could take longer than the June 30 deadline, lasting into August or September.Newly-elected Democratic Governor Tom Wolf released the details of his budget proposal in early April, but it immediately saw backlash from the state's legislative branch, which features a majority of members from the Republican party.State Republicans went as far as to write letters to the state's school districts to warn them that they should not rely on Wolf's projected numbers for state funding for education.St. Marys, PARichie LeckerState budget a concern for North CentralDaily Township conducts Memorial Day ceremony2015-05-27T00:33:34-04:002015-05-27T00:33:34-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressThe ceremony took place outside the Fox Township Community Center. George Mosier welcomed all those in attendance which was followed by the flag raising and the St. Marys Area Middle School band performing the national anthem as it was sung by Mervyn Kemmer.Next was the pledge of allegiance along with an opening prayer offered by Rev. Ross Micheli of St. Boniface Parish.St. Marys, PAAmy CherryFox Township conducts Memorial Day ceremonyDaily recollects sacrifices, meaning of Memorial Day2015-05-27T00:31:29-04:002015-05-27T00:31:29-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressButtery is the Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of the Commander Support Staff at the 914th Aeromedical Staging Squadron, Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station in New York.Her duties entail managing the unit’s administrative hub, overseeing personnel functions for the 174-member squadron, advising the commander on matters influencing the health, morale, and welfare of the reserve enlisted members assigned to the unit.As the guest speaker for the ceremony, Buttery noted the history of Memorial Day, officially proclaimed in 1868 by General John Logan as a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation‘s service.Memorial Day events are in recognition of the 1.2 million Americans who have lost their lives since the Revolutionary War, leaving parents and children and spouses to grieve.St. Marys, PAAmy CherryButtery recollects sacrifices, meaning of Memorial DayDaily charged in alleged domestic violence case2015-05-27T00:28:07-04:002015-05-27T00:28:07-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressAccording to an affidavit of probable cause, James Allen Bennett, 31, of 136 Penn Rd., St. Marys, reportedly caused bodily injury to an unnamed female by "striking her in the face and pushing her numerous times."Patrolmen Robert Lewis, Largey and Smith were dispatched to 136 Penn Rd. for a "possible physical domestic" on Sunday, May 24 at 11:44 p.m.Officers observed a female in the driveway identified as JC. She reported that Bennett and the alleged victim, identified as JG, had been involved in a domestic dispute inside the residence.JC discovered Bennett and JG in the basement of the residence after hearing verbal arguments coming from that part of the house.St. Marys, PAJoseph Bell, Daily Press EditorMan charged in alleged domestic violence caseDaily out male arrested on drug paraphernalia charges2015-05-26T23:57:32-04:002015-05-26T23:57:32-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressAccording to the affidavit of probable cause filed in the case, St. Marys City Police received a call on May 5 at roughly 10:45 a.m. indicating a male was "passed out" on the homeowner's back porch in the 300 block of Chestnut Street.St. Marys, PAJoseph Bell, Daily Press EditorPassed out male arrested on drug paraphernalia chargesDaily