The Daily Press The Daily Press | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2015-03-31T22:37:33-04:00 weather forces road closures2015-03-31T22:37:33-04:002015-03-31T22:37:33-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressState Route 219 was closed between Wilcox and Lantz Corners shortly before 10:30 a.m. as several tractor-trailers were stuck on the roadway.St. Marys, PAJoseph Bell, Daily Press EditorWinter weather forces road closuresDaily launched as part of planning project benefitting youth and seniors2015-03-31T22:34:11-04:002015-03-31T22:34:11-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressThe purpose of the project is to gather ideas or suggestions from the community about supporting young people and senior citizens in Elk County.By accessing the Ideascale website, found at, individuals will not only be able to submit their ideas but also vote on existing suggestions and make constructive comments on them. Individuals may only cast one vote per idea. Ideas should focus on issues dealing with providing opportunities for meaningful careers for young people in Elk County and ideas dealing with supporting senior citizen’s health and independence. The website will remain active until April 30.St. Marys, PANo author availableWebsite launched as part of planning project benefitting youth and seniorsDaily Martin guilty of first-degree murder2015-03-30T23:14:23-04:002015-03-30T23:14:23-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressThis concludes a four-day trial in which Martin was charged with stabbing his then-girlfriend 112 times and dumping her body at Sandy Beach Recreational Park in Ridgway Township.Families of both the victim and the defendant were tearful as the verdict was read. The defendant's father, Michael Martin, called the verdict "disappointing."As Nick was cuffed and led from the courtroom, he smiled at his family members."I'll be alright," he said with a slight shrug. "I love you guys."St. Marys, PAJim MeyerJury: Martin guilty of first-degree murderDaily students take part in Broadway workshop2015-03-30T23:13:29-04:002015-03-30T23:13:29-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressAmong the individuals with whom the students had the opportunity to work was Jim Weitzer, who they noted plays Andre in the Phantom performances Monday through Wednesday. "I thought it was incredible," said Ann Ordiway. "Every time he sang or spoke to us, I was just staring in wonder." "He was very good and a nice guy too," added Matt Feldbauer. "He was very nice, very friendly, and really down to Earth."St. Marys, PABecky PolaskiECC students take part in Broadway workshopDaily bus involved in Route 6 crash2015-03-30T23:11:21-04:002015-03-30T23:11:21-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressAccording to PSP Kane, Stella M. Dragoone, 44, of Smethport, was operating a 2015 Chrysler 200 eastbound on Route 6 in the area of Pine Drive in Hamlin Township.The school bus, a 2013 Bluebird driven by 33-year-old Keith A. Young of Cyclone, was traveling eastbound directly in front of the Chrysler. According to police, the school bus activated its flashing lights and had picked up passengers at a bus stop. After picking up the passengers, the school bus still had its flashing yellow lights activated as it traveled for approximately 500 feet to another bus stop.St. Marys, PANo author availableSchool bus involved in Route 6 crashDaily Fling showcases array of vendors2015-03-29T21:56:03-04:002015-03-29T21:56:03-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressSt. Marys, PANo author availableSpring Fling showcases array of vendorsDaily of the Cross find new home at ECCHS2015-03-29T21:51:03-04:002015-03-29T21:51:03-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressWhile the chapel may be their new home, the stations ended up at ECCHS because of their former home. They are the original Stations of the Cross that adorned the chapel at St. Joseph Monastery, which closed last year. St. Marys, PABecky PolaskiStations of the Cross find new home at ECCHSDaily students spend day at North Central2015-03-29T21:42:28-04:002015-03-29T21:42:28-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressSusie Snelick, North Central's Workforce Investment Board Director, said about 15 students from ECC attended the business day, choosing which departments they wanted to visit based upon what their career goals were.St. Marys, PARichie LeckerECC students spend day at North CentralDaily takes witness stand in murder trial2015-03-27T23:16:08-04:002015-03-27T23:16:08-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressMartin, who has showed little emotion or reaction throughout the trial, offered a spontaneous apology to Forsyth's mother."I can't tell you how deeply sorry I am for that," he said from the witness stand. "The only person who loved her as much as I did, if not 10 times more, is her mom. That's the only person I owe an apology to. I can't bring Alyssa back and apologize to her."The prosecution attempted to undermine the sincerity of the apology by calling attention to Martin's apparent lack of remorse and seemingly callous remarks up to this point.During his testimony, Martin said he had no intention of harming Forsyth but that he had acted in a blind rage after she had confessed to cheating on him and told him that he wasn't the father of her recently miscarried pregnancy."I grabbed her by her neck, and that's all I remember," he said. "My next recollection, she was face down on the carpet, my knee was across her lower back, my hand was in her hair and my other hand had a knife."St. Marys, PAJim MeyerMartin takes witness stand in murder trialDaily Boniface School celebrates Newspapers In Education program 2015-03-27T23:14:55-04:002015-03-27T23:14:55-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressAt St. Boniface School in Kersey teachers utilize The Daily Press by tasking students with finding national, world, state and local news, as well as articles about health, science, history and more. The Daily Press also aids in helping students identify words that are certain parts of speech.St. Marys, PANo author availableSt. Boniface School celebrates Newspapers In Education program Daily