Additional charges withdrawn against Geci

JOHNSONBURG – Additional charges that had been filed against Ridgway resident and Ridgway Borough Police Officer Shawn Geci for unlawful taking or possession of game or wildlife have been withdrawn, and Geci also dropped an appeal of charges that were originally handed down following a conviction on Jan. 20 of operating a motorized ATV on lands leased by the Pennsylvania Game Commission and use of unlawful devices and methods to hunt wildlife.A hearing on the matter was originally scheduled for yesterday afternoon in District Court 59-3-02; however, at that time Senior Deputy Attorney General Bill Caye informed the court that the Commonwealth and Geci had already reached a plea agreement. Caye explained that, under the terms of that agreement, the Commonwealth had agreed to withdraw additional charges that had been filed following Geci's original sentencing, and would not file any additional charges. Geci, for his part, would drop his appeal of the original charges. Caye added that Geci's original sentence had included a license suspension, and he indicated that under the terms of the agreement, that suspension would be for no more than one year. Geci will still be required to pay all fines as previously assessed. Cameron County District Judge Alvin Brown presided over Geci's original sentencing, and was back in the courtroom again on Monday for what he thought would be a hearing on additional charges. After he was informed that the charges had been withdrawn, Brown expressed concern regarding why they were filed in the first place since they had arisen from the same incident for which Geci had already been charged and convicted. Brown accepted the withdrawal, though "with great question," explaining that he thought it was wrong for the Commonwealth to have filed the additional charges after Geci had already been sentenced for the incident.