Anderson appointed to fill City Council seat

Gary Anderson was elected to City Council on Monday evening following a Vacancy Board meeting held following the City Council meeting.During the meeting each of the four candidates which submitted a letter of interest to Council had the opportunity to speak before the board, during which time they provided information about themselves, their education and employment backgrounds, community involvement and the reason they are interested in filling the position.Vacancy Board Chairman Robert Ordiway stated six people initially expressed interest in the council seat, however two withdrew their applications leaving the pool of candidates includingMarie Gahr, Tom Farley, Gary Anderson and Lyle Garner.Anderson was voted onto City Council following a 4-2 roll call vote in which a motion was made by Mayor Sally Geyer and seconded by councilman Dick Dornisch to elect Anderson. A 4-2 roll call vote was taken which resulted in a no vote by Dornisch and councilman Bob Roberts and a yes vote by Geyer, Dan Hepner, Greg Gebauer and Ordiway.