Annual Report provides overview of district

St. Marys Area School District Superintendent Ann Kearney presented information pertaining to various statistics inside the Superintendent Annual Report.Entitled "Second Year...Changes and Challenges," the report will soon be available for viewing online at"I've learned a lot in the past 18 months," Kearney said. "I think we've accomplished a lot this year."Enrollment for the 2010-11 school year has decreased by 40 students in comparison from last year. This marks the lowest the district's enrollment has ever been since 1969.Enrollment in local schools consists of: 128 students at Bennetts Valley, 227 students at Fox Township, 613 students at South St. Marys Street Elementary, 543 at St. Marys Area Middle School and 757 students at St. Marys Area High School. The 2010-11 budget stands at $24,033,023, a one percent increase from last year's budget."We ended up with a very good bottom line last year and are fortunate being able to maintain a tight budget," Kearney said. "I feel we didn't waste a dime. We are continually being asked to do more, with less money."Among the district's funding sources, 55.4 percent comes from local funding, accounting for $13,326,137; 43.3 percent from state funding, $10,414,860; and only 1.3 percent from federal funding, $292,080. Real estate taxes comprise 66.1 percent of local revenue.For the 2010-11 expenditures, 47.1 percent of the budget is allocated to salaries and 17.4 percent to benefits."If they cut our state and federal funding, we have to seriously look at our programming," Kearney said. She added that PSSA testing is particularly tough this year due to the benchmark jump to 67 percent proficiency in math and 72 percent proficiency in reading. For more on this story, see the Jan. 8 edition of The Daily Press.