Antique dealers bring road show to town

ST. MARYS - The average person has $750 worth of gold in his or her their home without even knowing it, according to Jay Recher, a field manager with THR & Associates, a buyer of precious metals, coins, antiques, and collectibles, which has again brought its road show to the Comfort Inn on the Million Dollar Highway in St. Marys. The event, open to the public, is being held in a conference room at the motel, where clients can sit down with a specialist and determine what items the company is willing to purchase from them and at what price. Recher clarified that THR is not a licensed appraiser, but is willing to offer fair-market value on products. Recher said in their travels, the employees have seen everything imaginable come through the doors from, dental gold to an urn that previously held a person's ashes. Recher and associate Bart Lichtenauer of Lancaster, Ohio, said that on their St. Marys trip, they have seen a wide array of valuable coinage, everything from Indian Head Cents, Franklin half dollars, Walking Liberties, silver coins, as well as silverware, which Recher explains will bear a stamp reading "Sterling" on the back of the fork or spoon if authentic.So far on this trip, Lichtenauer said that the biggest payouts have gone for bulk items rather than individual items. "A lady came in with class rings, a broken herringbone necklace, and an earring and walked out with $500," Recher said. Recher added that they are currently engaged in negotiations with an area man for the purchase of a single gold coin estimated to be valued at five figures. Recher said that gold and silver are at all-time highs and pure gold is currently valued at $1,700 an ounce. Of the pieces purchased, Recher said, "Most will go back to collectors. Someone will enjoy it. If you're not enjoying it, I say go for it. Collectors might be looking for a particular item to complete a set." Recher said that THR, based out of Springfield Ill., has an international list of collectors. He said that the company has a "million-dollar research facility" in Springfield and if the field managers can't reach a determination regarding an item, the company can. He also noted that research is in the best interest of both the company and client, in that the client can be assured they are getting fair market value and the company a sound investment.