Appointments, disappointments at Jay Twp. meeting

The Jay Township Board of Supervisors' reorganizational meeting on Tuesday night began with Supervisor Jeremy Rippey being appointed to the position of chairman of the board and Murray K. Lilley to that of vice chairman. Tuesday's meeting also saw the elimination of Supervisor Lilley's position as equipment maintenance employee with the township. In a vote initiated by Rippey and seconded by Gustafson, the decision was made not to reappoint Lilley to the position, ultimately ending Lilley's 12-year tenure as a township employee.It was at last year's reorganizational meeting that Lilley's previous position as the township's roadmaster was eliminated in a vote by fellow supervisors Rippey and Gustafson. The decision to eliminate Lilley's position at that time spurred significant reaction from residents who believed it evidence of an ongoing personal vendetta between the supervisors and the end result of a concerted effort on the part of Rippey and Gustafson to oust Lilley from his position. At this year's meeting, prior to the official vote, Rippey made the case for his support of not reappointing Lilley, referencing the township budget and need to cut costs. "We have a lot of repairs that are going to need to be done and you know as well as I do the money is not there in the budget," Rippey said. "We're looking at going from four employees down to three, maintenance may be the same amount of costs but we're losing an entire wage."Rippey said that the township could expect to save "about $30,000 a year" through the termination of Lilley's position.