Bah Humbug 2016

Photo by Amy Cherry - Among the popular lunch items served annually at the Sacred Heart Bah-Humbug Festival held Saturday are homemade Reuben sandwiches. Shown are volunteers making the sandwiches. Diners could enjoy a meal at the festival with seating offered in the Christmas Cafe area.Photo by Amy Cherry - Over 90 vendors were on hand for the Bah-Humbug Festival at Sacred Heart. Visitors perused the wide array of booths along with an extensive basket raffle and bake sale. Many visitors to the festival picked up items on their Christmas list.Photo by Amy Cherry - Homemade pepperoni and smoked cheese are among the various food items offered at this year's Bah Humbug festival at Sacred Heart held on Saturday from 9 a.m.-3 p.m.Photo by Amy Cherry - Various types of Christmas craft items were among those sold during the 2016 Bah Humbug festival held Saturday in St. Marys.Photo by Amy Cherry - The Bah Humbug bake sale is a popular draw for visitors seeking tasty treats. In addition to a wide array of holiday cookies were cinnamon and walnut rolls, poppy seed rolls, various types of breads including speciality sweet breads and candies.Photo by Amy Cherry - A large assortment of holiday baked goods were sold at the 2016 Bah Humbug Festival.  Volunteers baked over 37,000 cookies creating 340 small two-dozen count trays, 250 medium four dozen trays, and 125 large six dozen trays.