Bait and tackle shop prepares for fishing season

WILCOX – Ridgway native Bruce Gess, owner of Bubba's Bait and Tackle located at 453 Marvin St., Wilcox, is busy getting ready for the start of this year's fishing season.Bubba's Bait and Tackle offers a large variety of bait and tackle and is conveniently located in prime fishing territory.“There are a lot of places to fish in the area,” Gess said. “Twin Lakes, the East Branch Dam and the Clarion River are right down the road, and there are many great creeks and streams, too.”At Bubba's, one can choose from an extensive selection of live bait, from waxworms, mealworms, red worms, water worms, maggots and night crawlers to egg sacs [for steelhead fishing], assorted minnows, fathead minnows, Golden Shiners, Northern Pike Shiners [for muskies], leeches and crayfish. Gess utilizes four 500-gallon tanks to store the majority of the bait. Custom-tied flies are also an option for fly fishermen.Gess developed a love for fishing at an early age.“I started fly fishing when I was young and began to tie and sell my own flies at the age of 14,” Gess said. “I used a lot of live bait when I was younger and never thought of owning my own bait shop, but it was something I wanted to try.”