Bauer excited work with ECCHS, SMCMS students

Photo submitted – Tricia Bauer is a new high school environmental science teacher at Elk County Catholic High School and eighth grade social studies teacher at St. Marys Catholic Middle School.
Becky Polaski
Staff Writer

One of the new, yet familiar, faces at both Elk County Catholic High School and St. Marys Catholic Middle School this year has been Tricia Bauer, who is in her first year teaching high school environmental science and eighth grade social studies full-time.
While Bauer took a number of years off to raise her own children, she has been a substitute teacher in the Elk County Catholic School System for a few years.
“I really enjoyed it,” Bauer said. “So now I am really excited to get back to my own classroom.”
Originally from St. Marys, Bauer was a student in the Catholic school system herself before graduating from ECCHS and going on to attend The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. She holds both a biology degree and a degree in secondary education in biology.
“When I was younger, I wanted to work with kids and sports and be in the medical field,” Bauer said. “Becoming a teacher just seemed like a natural fit for me, and when I did my student teaching, I had an excellent advisor.”
Throughout her own education, Bauer credited several teachers with having been an inspiration for how to act – and not act – in the classroom.
“Mrs. Herbstritt was my high school science teacher and she was a tremendous teacher. I also loved Dr. Brown, who was my college Anatomy and Phys. teacher. You could tell they both loved what they did and loved working with the students. They had a great way of explaining difficult concepts and used several different methods to teach one idea,” Bauer said. “I also had a teacher in elementary school that was extremely harsh, and I always though that if I were to become a teacher she would be a great example of how not to be.”
In addition to her own teachers, Bauer added that she has also been inspired by the teachers who have taught her own children over the years.
“I would like to draw various characteristics and ideals that I have witnessed with several of my own kids’ teachers,” Bauer said. “Through my kids, I have met many intelligent, compassionate and creative teachers.”


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