Bids to be opened today for ATA transit center

Bids for the ATA transit center, which will be located in the currently-under-construction parking garage on Depot Street, are scheduled to be opened today, according to Gabe Uljon, Director of Facilities for ATA. "The contractor will be selected after a review of the bids opened [today.] Selection of a contractor is contingent upon a review of each bid for cost and compliance requirements," Uljon said. He explained that the transit center will feature passenger waiting areas, bus storage, a driver's lounge, automated passenger information kiosks, ticket sales, and passenger transfer services. "The actual construction schedule and target dates for completion of the center will be finalized just prior to the award of contracts for the project," Uljon said. He noted that St. Marys is already a hub for a number of ATA transit routes that converge in the City of St. Marys.