Bishop, archabbot confirm 104 Sunday

Most Reverend Donald W. Trautman, STD, SSL, Bishop of Erie and Right Reverend Douglas Nowicki, O.S.B., Archabbot of St. Vincent Archabbey, presided over a ceremony held at Queen of the World Church to confirm 104 students and adults from Queen of the World, Sacred Heart and St. Mary's parishes as adult members of the Catholic Church. Georgia Wagner, director of the Faith Formation Program for the three parishes, noted that she was pleased with this year's turnout and also explained the decision to hold one large ceremony at Queen of the World. In the past, one of the three parishes has held a singular ceremony, while members of the other two parishes were confirmed in a joint ceremony. "This was Bishop Trautman's last official year as bishop of the Diocese of Erie, and that and the fact that Queen of the World has almost completed the renovation of their church, the pastors felt that it would be a wonderful opportunity to celebrate together as a community. They also made it a point that Archabbot Douglas Nowicki from St. Vincent was available so that we could make this an especially nice celebration," Wagner said. She noted that the pastors from all three churches typically decide where Confirmation will be held each year and indicated that she was unsure if they would consider holding a singular Confirmation ceremony for members of all three parishes again in the future. "This was so successful in the fact that all three parishes really worked together. It worked out really great because each parish had a component of it," Wagner said. "Also, the choirs all sang together and that made it an especially powerful praise to God through that." Wagner also discussed Archabbot Douglas' presence at this year's Confirmation ceremony. "The Archabbot used to come and used to attend, but as I said [his being here this year] was a special tribute to the Bishop," Wagner said. "The Archabbot, of course, his role in this is the fact that our priests, other than Fr. Michael, are Benedictine, and [St. Vincent] is their home seminary."