Board releases 2010 figures; prison generates over $120K

Through work-release fees and housing revenue, the Elk County Prison generated over $120,000 for 2010.Speaking at a prison board meeting Tuesday morning, warden Gregory J. Gebauer indicated that total housing revenue for 2010 from housing out-of-county inmates was $64,250. Work-release fees collected for the year were $60,372.65.As of Tuesday morning, the corrections facility was housing 44 incarcerated individuals, including one out-of-county commitment and four females. Surrounding counties are able to house their inmates in the Elk County facility at a rate of $50 per day as space permits.Since the board's last meeting on Dec. 7, 2010, $2,350 was generated from out-of-county commitments; work-release fees collected during that time period were $4,332.The average daily population for December 2010 was 39 incarcerated individuals.The board has approved several new prison policies within the past year as correctional facility practices evolve, and yesterday's meeting saw the implementation of restraint chair procedures."We have two instructors and once the policy is approved, we will begin training the staff this month," said deputy warden Edward M. Warmbrodt. "The [restraint] chair will only be used in extreme cases to prevent an inmate from harming themselves."For more on this story, see the Jan. 12 edition of The Daily Press.