Board seeking nurse agency

Elk County Prison Board members are looking for an area nursing agency to replace Helpmates Hospice in Ridgway,"We haven't really utilized them and we felt that they would not be able to keep up with the changes that we've made to the Elk County prison system," said Elk County Prison Warden Gregory J. Gebauer. "I will go out into the community and check with some of the other nursing agencies to see if we can get them on here as a backup provider."As of 8 a.m. Tuesday morning, the inmate population at the facility was 68. The average daily population has fluctuated within the past three months, as the mean was 45 inmates in May, 53 inmates in June and 60 inmates in July."The facility has generated $10,700 from housing out-of-county inmates since our last meeting," Gebauer said. "Work release fees collected during this period were $18,028.40. "The total housing revenue generated for the year is $19,000 and work release fees collected this year are $35,191."In addition, the facility is currently housing one individual from out-of-county commitments at a rate of $20 per day. Ten females also are currently housed in the facility.