Brewery expansion plans progressing

Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

Straub Brewery is progressing with its expansion plans as their subdivision and land development application was unanimously approved by St. Marys City Council.
Vince Assetta, general manager and vice president, explained that the brewery purchased two Brusselles Street properties, located at addresses 444 and 456, one of which is a former bed and breakfast which will now act as the cornerstone property.
Construction plans will be used to add on to that property and create a visitors center, tap room and associated parking lot and driveway.
“As always it’s good to see development in the city of St. Marys,” said Deputy Mayor Greg Gebauer.
The subdivision proposed to divide a 3,048 sq. ft. lot from an 119,361 sq. ft. parcel as a side lot addition to an existing parcel. The receiving parcel contains the bed and breakfast.
Assetta stated they will be developing the site around the brewery with an outdoor beer garden area and parking.
The structure at 456 Brusselles Street, which is currently an apartment, will be demolished to make room for that outside construction.
All the lots were consolidated along with the primary brewery parcel and a few other adjacent properties around it.
“We are in the process of some discussions on a few other very adjacent properties so if those come to fruition we will be coming forward with those,” Assetta said.
This will be all new development, however Assetta noted the eternal tap will remain in its current location.
The brewery is hoping to eventually make a site map available for public viewing.
The St. Marys Planning Commission recommended approval of the subdivision with the comments that a call was missing from the deed description for one of the parcels, and a label for a call was missing from the map. Both issues have been corrected.