Bucktail Council to hold annual memorial service

Camp Mountain Run will be the site of the Bucktail Council Boy Scouts of America annual memorial service at the chapel.The service will be Saturday, Sept. 10 at 2 p.m., taking place in its usual spot as the second Saturday in September each year. This is the 18th year for the service with the first service taking place on Aug. 20, 1994. There will be 14 names added to the second memorial monument at Camp Mountain Run from around the region. They are of Henry Peterson from Clearfield, DeVere Sheesley and the Rev. Richard Burns, both of DuBois, Russell "Rusty" Knepp from Grampian, John Max Pennington and George DiNardo of Johnsonburg, George Wilson Sr. from Reynoldsville, B. Gale Summerville, Floyd W. Carr, Al Brian and Mike Bove from Ridgway, Frank Smeal, Richard "Dick" McAllister and Floyd "Pinky" Herzing, all of St. Marys. "The master of ceremonies will introduce the colorguard and they will put the flags up," said Bob Billick of the Bucktail Council. "We'll introduce our committee and have an invocation with the Rev. Craig Duffield. After that, we will probably be reading the names of the 13 that are going on this year. Dave Woods will be our speaker."Billick noted his experiences with many of those who will be recognized. Billick said they served on the Jamboree staff together and went on a canoe trip down the Clarion River in very high water. "He married my first wife and I in St. Marys and later married my son here at camp," Billick said. "He was a big help to make this memorial possible." Billick and Bove were both scoutmasters at the same time in Ridgway and Brian was on the troop committee with Billick while he was involved with Troop 93. Carr was on the troop committee when Billick was scoutmaster. DiNardo and Billick were both scoutmasters at the same time and he served with DiNardo as assistant scoutmasters at the 1964 Jamboree. Billick said he enjoyed seeing Pennington at the Polar Bear event in the winter.