Budget under review in Jay Twp.

In looking at this year's budget at Thursday's meeting of the Jay Twp. Board of Supervisors, board members expressed concern at the possibility that township expenses will exceed expected income due to a lull in tax revenue. Supervisor Jeremy Rippey reminded his fellow board members that a $50,000 CD in the township's general fund is available and could be used to compensate for the currently low levels of income. Supervisor Murray Lilley, who had previously expressed reluctance toward the prospect of withdrawing those funds, said that while it now appears to be an inevitability, the $50,000 may still fall short of covering township expenses. "My major concern in looking at this budget is what is left for this year. I don't see any way, shape, or form that you're not going to have to pull from that CD before the end of the year," Lilley said. "If you base the whole year on monies spent this year, you're coming out with around $43,500 a month and we're down to about $24,000 in the checking, so it's inevitable and it looks to me that even when we're doing this budget, unless there's a property windfall we're going to be about $30,000 shy by February, on top of the $50,000." Rippey also pointed to $54,750.28 in the form of state-funded insured money funds and $29,571.95 in general checking funds available to the board. "Yeah, but you're going to have $46,000 of that to be annexed yet," Lilley said. Lilley said that the township's average monthly expenses total $40,000 and that while they expect to gather around $10,000 in wage taxes, there will also be an expected $6,500 increase for costs associated with workmen's compensation.Board members discussed the possibility of additional means of revenue, such as the implementation of a one percent wage tax on out-of-state workers, but added that it could not be put to a vote until Nov. 20 or 23. .