Candidates Night offers info on election process

Photo by Brian Stockman – Attendees at the Informational Candidates Night in Ridgway hear a presentation from Elk County Elections/Voter Registration Director Kimberly S. Frey outlining every step of the process to be registered for the May and November ballots.
Brian Stockman
Staff Writer

An Informational Candidates Night was held yesterday evening in Ridgway. It was presented for those individuals interested in running for an elected office. Individuals thinking of running for office were encouraged to attend this meeting.  This was the first time candidates were able to pick up their packets and petitions to run for an elected office.
In their packets, every candidate received a separate easy reference guide to all important dates for the election.
The first day to circulate and file nomination petitions is Feb. 19, 2019. While they received their petitions Tuesday, any signatures acquired and dated before Feb. 19 will be disqualified. Signatures must be gathered by qualified electors who are required to be of registered voters of the same political party as the candidate, residents of the political subdivision in which the candidate is seeking election, and they must sign the name they are registered under. Any deviations from this could lead to objections to the nomination petitions.  
The last day to circulate and file nomination petitions is March 12, 2019. It is recommended to file all paperwork before this date so elections officials can look over the paperwork and help the candidates fix any errors that might have been made during the process. After this date, there will be no ability to file again for the election cycle. 

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