CAPSEA focusing on sexual assault education, prevention

April has been designated Sexual Assault Awareness Month, a period in which outreach groups place extra emphasis on raising public awareness about sexual violence and educating people and the public at large about how to prevent it. "Why they concentrate on April being Sexual Assault Awareness Month-- it’s the month when all of us across the United States and across the world-- it’s the month that we really target a lot of public relations so that we’re getting the word out there to let folks know that sexual violence is not all right, that we all need to be a part of prevention, and this year’s theme really concentrates on the primary prevention piece, and that is what we’re really trying to push, that all of us in our communities need to work together to be able to see the signs and symptoms of sexual assault," said Billie Jo Weyant, executive director of Citizens Against Physical, Sexual and Emotional Violence, Inc., which serves residents of Elk and Cameron counties.