Caruso coaching people to be their best

Area business owner and entrepreneur Peggy Caruso wants to help others achieve their own business and personal goals, and has recently hung out her shingle as a life coach to assist area residents in forging that path. Caruso said the idea of a life coach may be foreign in this neck of the woods, but was quick to explain that it is not therapy and many people who have already reached major milestones, such as top executives, use it to target what they want to do and where they want to go as they continue on their journey through life. “A life coach is an individual who possesses tools, techniques, wisdom and knowledge to assist a client in creating a strategic plan of action for success and guides the client toward a defined outcome,” Caruso said. “People who make the decision to hire a life coach, whether personally or professionally, benefit by discovering who they are, what areas they excel at, what areas require additional work, behavioral modification, self-awareness and acquiring the ability to set and reach goals.“It’s learning how to utilize intuition, turn negative situations to positive, and recognize limiting beliefs.”Caruso said she understands that the average citizen may think, “Great, but that’s for CEOs, business leaders and other executives. What does that have to do with me?” She said that engaging a life coach can be for anyone, at any stage of their life, whether it’s a child who never seems to be able to get nightly homework completed or has to cope with bullying, a college student who just can’t figure out what their major should be, someone who has lost their job and isn’t sure what to do next, or someone who is restless in their current position and is looking for more.