CDBG project funds approved

Community Development Block Grant [CDBG] projects for the fiscal year are in line after a public hearing Tuesday and subsequent meeting to approve allocations.Among the figures are $55,000 for "slum and blight remediation" for the clearance and demolition of slum and blight properties within the county."We're going to try to take care of some of the blighted properties in Elk County," said Tracy D. Gerber, CDBG coordinator. "We're trying to focus on some of the properties that are in the repository at the county level. "The Elk County Redevelopment Authority is going to be our applicant for that project and we're going to work together in trying to assess some of those properties."Other projects include rezoning the Jones Township Senior Center into two zones and replacing an existing entrance door and awning."Senior centers are all mandated with very large dishwashers and this particular center, by the time the have all the big trays in there, they have no counter space-- they can't do dishes while they're serving food because they can't do everything all at once," Gerber said. "This will actually add counter space and cabinet space and they do have the room for it. There was a good reason for that request."The Johnsonburg Senior Center is in line for $16,051 for the removal and replacement of an existing front entrance door to the facility."This actually completes the look of all the work that we've done over there," Gerber said. "There are some gaps in the frames of their windows and it needs to be replaced. It will also help with the efficiency of the building as well."The Elk County Housing Rehabilitation initiative will see $98,843 for the rehabilitation of low-income residential properties within Elk County.A modification also was made to 2009 funding regarding the Highland Township Municipal Authority and the Bennetts Valley Senior Center.