'Cinnamon Challenge' not new, but can still be harmful

Over the years, young people have ingested and huffed all types of substances that can cause harm, especially when confronted by peer pressure. The attempted ingestion of cinnamon, while not a new trend, seems to be making a comeback. City of St. Marys Police Chief Todd Caltagarone said the "Cinnamon Challenge" has actually been around for several years. According to Caltagarone, the challenge involves daring a person to eat or swallow a teaspoonful of ground cinnamon in less than 60 seconds without drinking water or any other kind of liquid to aid them with the challenge. "Although we are not sure why it’s making a comeback, we think it may at least in part have something to do with recent YouTube postings and the available communication lines through social networking and the internet," Caltagarone said. He said that while no known deaths have occurred from the Cinnamon Challenge, parents and school officials should still take note and "implement appropriate protective factors."