City Council takes action on array of items

Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

St. Marys City Council discussed a wide range of topics during their recent meeting.
Among them was the termination of the Benzinger Township Hospital Authority as requested by the organization.
The authority acted as a financing vehicle for Penn Highlands Elk hospital construction projects, however the hospital no longer has a need for the authority.
Councilman Ned Jacob said it is his belief the hospital does not qualify for grant money any longer because they can no longer meet the stipulations.
City solicitor Tom Wagner said he cannot verify this information.
Wagner added the only ongoing activity with the authority was with administration of grant funds which the hospital now does directly on their own.
Council accepted a request from resident Anita Feldbauer offering to deed her property to the city.
The property is located near the St. Marys Municipal Airport. It will remain a private right-of-way with no intent to make it a public roadway.
Several years ago a private agreement was reached when the airport extension project took place that the airport would conduct a portion of maintenance on the road.
The city is not responsible for road maintenance.