City may bid at judicial sale

Members of city council gave their approval on Monday evening for a representative from the city to attend a judicial sale at 10 a.m. on June 9 and purchase properties, particularly those located along Center Street, if no other bids are made. City Manager Dave Greene explained that at a judicial sale, properties that are behind in paying their property taxes for multiple years will come up for a judicial sale, which means that all liens will be removed and the properties will be sold to the highest bidder. According to Greene, many of the starting bids are the costs that were incurred by the county to notify all the lien holders and to do a title search. Anyone interested in retaining their rights to a property must come to the sale and bid on it. "The reason that I bring it up is there are a lot of properties that are on here that are on Center Street and I would like council to consider that the city would go to the sale, and if nobody bids on the properties, that the city consider bidding on these properties," Greene said. He indicated that the opening bids on many of the properties ranged from $600 to $900."If [no one bids] then they just go back into receivership and they go back into limbo and then the properties still sit there without anything happening," Greene said.While he noted that he hopes there will be individuals there bidding on the properties, he explained that in the event that no one did, if the city were to purchase them he hoped it would help speed up the process of finding someone else interested in acquiring them.