City to review on-street parking along Washington Street

At the request of Washington Street resident Vicky Mazzaferro, members of city council approved having the city complete a traffic and engineering study for all of Washington Street during Monday evening's city council meeting. According to City Manager Dave Greene, Mazzaferro recently sent a letter to the city explaining that vehicles parked along the north side of Washington Street create a line of sight obstruction for individuals attempting to pull in and out of the driveways located along that roadway. In a written response sent to Mazzaferro, Public Works Director Mike Mullaney remarked that "the City Code, Chapter 15, Part 4, Motor Vehicles & Traffic, cites regulations for on-street parking. The current sign placement does not agree with the ordinance. The ordinance itself also has segment and offset overlapping for sections of Washington Street. Both need to be studied and corrected."The letter went on to explain that if council were to approve the completion of a traffic and engineering study, "and changes to the ordinance and signage are warranted, then the City will amend the ordinance and place the proper no-parking signage so that the police may enforce the ordinance."During Monday evening's meeting, Greene indicated that all of the work for the study will be done in-house.