City of St. Marys leaf collection schedule

The City of St. Marys would like to announce the annual Leaf Collection Program will begin Monday, Oct. 22. The following is the tentative schedule of the leaf machine and which areas will be included:Week of Oct. 22:Armory, Bennett, Bunker Hill, Condot (East), Condot (West), Dove, Eben, Edward, Erich, Etheldale, Forest, Gay, Haggerty, Hill, Houston, Joseph (East), Lynch, Mark (from Penn to Reserve), Nicklas, North St. Marys (from Penn to East/West Condot), Parkway, Penn, Reserve, Robson, Rosedale, Straub, Terrace and Wolfel.Week of Oct. 29:Arch (East), Ash, Atlantic, Bank, the Boulevard (including Diamond area), Brusselles, Chestnut, Columbus, Darr, Depot, Diamond, Dippold, Erie Avenue, Evers, Fourth, Grant, Hall, Hauber, High, Ida, Jefferson, John, Jones, Kaul, East Kaul, Lafayette, Lawrence, Lehner, Lincoln, Locust, Madison, Maple, Mark (Rightmeyer to Penn), Market, Mertz, Mill, (East) Neubert, North St. Marys (from Washington to Penn), Oak, Park, Pine, Pontzer, Prince Alley, Race (East), Railroad, Rettger, Rightmeyer, Russ Lane, Schissle, Simons, South Michael (railroad tracks to Locust), Sorg, Speer, Spruce, Stackpole, Sweeney, Theresia, Tremont, Walnut, Washington (from North St. Marys to house #731). Week of Nov. 5:Alpine, Aspen, Averyville, Bayberry, Beech, Bel Vista, Birch, Cadillac, Capri, Catalina, Cedar, Cherry Hill, Clark, Comet, Edgewood, Elm, Eschbach (West), Evergreen, Falcon, Fern, Fleming, Ford (South St. Marys to St. Alphonse), Grandview, Hemlock, Hickory, Jera, Larch, Las Glorias, Lemans, Malibu, Margaret, Martin, Mercury, Nova, Parkview, Plymouth, Poplar, Queens, Rambler, Sara, South Michael (from Locust to Averyville), Sunrise, Teaberry, Villa, Vine, Vine Extension, Wehler, Wendel and Willow.Week of Nov. 12:Arch (West), Arnold, Benedict, Berwind, Cardinal, Center, Charles, Church, George, Johnsonburg (to Joseph), Kerner, Lenze, Lombardo, Louis, Maurus, McGill, West Mill, North Michael, Oilwell (East), Oilwell (West), Parade, Pattison, Pope, Race (West), Rock, Roosevelt, School, Sherry, South St. Marys (to Vine), State, Sunset, Vermont, Virginia and Walburga.It is preferred that leaves are left loose and raked out to the edge of the road for the city's vacuum truck to pick up. Please refrain from parking on the street during the week of your scheduled pickup.The following guidelines are to be followed: all leaves are to be raked to the curb or berm; leaves must not be raked into the curb gutters or ditches; garden debris, limbs, branches, garbage or other material left in piles will not be accepted; leaves should be ready for pickup on the Monday of the week your street or road is scheduled. Bagged leaves. The city crew will periodically check all streets in the above collection area for bagged leaves. Bagged leaves are to be placed at the curb or berm. Bags are not to be larger than 55 gallons. Bags over 55 gallons will not be accepted. Garden debris, limbs, branches, garbage or other material left in the bags will not be accepted. All residents are requested to take bagged leaves to the Woodbed compost facility. No bagged leaves will be collected outside the leaf collection area. If time and weather permits, areas will be gone over a second time.