Clearfield swim teams sweep St. Marys Area squads

ST. MARYS - The senior members of the St. Marys Area High School Swim and Dive Team were honored last night at the last final dual meet of the season. The visiting Clearfield Bisons and Lady Bisons were victorious over the home squads, but the evening was highlighted by some personal bests and closely contested races.The Dutchmen dropped only their second meet of the season with a final score of 110-76, while the Lady Dutch lost by a similar margin with the outcome of 111-74. With one meet remaining, the record stands at 7-2 for the boys and 4-5 for the girls. The seniors honored were Megan Barber, Gianna DeMuro, Justin Huey, Shannon Krieg, Brandon Orr, Brittany Orr and Dutch foreign exchange students Amanda Hansen and Thomas Murmann. Senior members of the Clearfield team were also recognized.The Lady Dutch had another solid night with first-place finishes by Emma Daghir in the 50 freestyle and Brittany Orr in the 100-yard freestyle. Both Orr and Daghir were victorious later in the meet in their signature events, with Orr snagging a win in the 100-yard backstroke, while Daghir finished first with another personal best in the 100-yard breaststroke.The 200 medley relay of Orr, Daghir, Michaela Rupprecht and Kylee Proudfit breezed to a win in the first event of the evening. The 200 freestyle relay team of Proudfit, Daghir, Steph Buerk and Megan Barber were also victorious and within seconds of a school record, which unfortunately didn’t fall last night.“We still have injury and some illness on our girls’ squad,” remarked St. Marys Area coach Mark DeMuro, “but we got a real good feel tonight where we stand. We have some things to work on, but we are real proud of our girls and the leadership shown not only by our seniors, but by the younger swimmers as well.”Other notable finishes were recorded by Barber with a second place in the 200-yard freestyle. Third place went to Melinda Stebich in the 200-yard individual medley, Steph Buerk in the 50 and 100-yard freestyle, Rupprecht in the 100-yard butterfly, Cassie Wonderling in the 500-yard freestyle and Proudfit in the 100-yard breaststroke.The 400-yard freestyle relay of Buerk, Rupprecht, Orr and Barber also placed second.The Dutchmen were led by individual winners Alex Renwick in the 100-yard butterfly and Corey Koss in the 100-yard backstroke. Koss’s backstroke time was a personal best for the freshman, as was his third-place finish time in the 200-yard individual medley.Senior diver Justin Huey recorded a big win on the evening for the talented diving squad, while diving teammate Jake Burns took third.“There is no doubt that Clearfield has a very talented boys’ team this year,” noted DeMuro. “Our guys held their own and were in a lot of the races, which is a real good sign of things to come.”Other top placements were enjoyed by Matt Hoffman with a second place in the 200-yard freestyle and third place in the 100-yard freestyle, Ryan Struble with a second in the 50-yard freestyle, Thomas Murmann with a third-place finish in the 50-yard freestyle and a second place and personal best in the 100-yard breaststroke, Joey Ferragine with a third place in the 100-yard butterfly and Jeffrey Moore with a second place in the 500-yard freestyle.The 200-yard freestyle relay of Hoffman, Murmann, Struble and Moore took second-place honors, as did the 400 freestyle relay of Moore, Koss, Struble and Hoffman. The 200-yard medley relay of Alec Foster, Gideon Woelfel, Ferragine and Tim Mosebarger took third, as well as the 200-yard freestyle relay of Foster, Mosebarger, Ferragine and Renwick. The final dual meet of the season will be held at the DuBois High School Natatorium on Thursday, Feb. 17 at 6 p.m.Lady Bisons 111,Lady Dutch 74200-yard medley relay – first (Orr, Daghir, Rupprecht, Proudfit), fifth (Stebich, DeMuro, Maura Keyes, Kelsey Bonifay).200 freestyle – second Barber, fifth Wonderling.200 IM – third Stebich, fifth Rupprecht.50 freestyle – first Daghir, third Buerk, sixth Bonifay.Diving – fourth Shannon Krieg.100 butterfly – third Rupprecht, fifth Keyes.100 freestyle – first Orr, third Buerk.500 freestyle – third Wonderling, fifth Krieg.200 freestyle relay – first (Proudfit, Daghir, Buerk, Barber), fifth (Wonderling, DeMuro, Bonifay, Stebich).100 backstroke – first Orr, fifth Stebich, sixth Keyes.100 breaststroke – first Daghir, third Proudfit, fifth Barber.400 freestyle relay – second (Buerk, Rupprecht, Orr, Barber), fifth (Bonifay, Krieg, Keyes, Wonderling).Bisons 110,Dutchmen 76200 yard medley relay – third (Foster, Woelfel, Ferragine, Mosebarger).200 freestyle – second Hoffman, third Renwick, sixth Jordan Agosti.200 IM – third Koss, fifth Woelfel.50 freestyle – second Struble, third Murmann, fifth Ferragine.Diving – first Huey, third Burns, fifth Mosebarger.100 butterfly – first Renwick, third Ferragine.100 freestyle – third Hoffman, fourth Struble, sixth Foster.500 freestyle – second Moore, fifth Agosti, sixth Huey.200 freestyle relay – second (Hoffman, Murmann, Struble, Moore), third (Foster, Mosebarger, Ferragine, Renwick), fourth (Woelfel, Burns, Gary Fledderman, Agosti).100 backstroke – first Koss, fourth Foster, fifth Fledderman.100 breaststroke – second Murrmann, fourth Woelfel, fifth Burns.400 freestyle relay – second (Moore, Koss, Struble, Hoffman), fourth (Agosti, Fledderman, Burns, Huey).