Commission continues transition

As newly elected Pa. governor Tom Corbett continues his transition into office while seeking to "reform state government," officials at the North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission [NCPRPDC] are anxiously awaiting to see what actions the new administration will take."As an association, we've had opportunities to talk to, petition and have dialogue at the time with important members of the governor's transition team," said Eric Bridges, NCPRPDC executive director, during a recent board meeting. "We've done pretty well as a region when it comes to some of the appointments; both the transportation secretary and the department of community and economic development's administration secretary have roots in the region, and that's a good thing."As the governor's transition team continues to assess current affairs in the state, Bridges said commission officials will continue to revisit with key players in state government."We're fortunate to have this access and we'll be front and center in these discussions as folks in those departments begin to establish agendas," Bridges said. "For the association's part, as we begin to develop a better appreciation for Governor Corbett's agenda and some of the things that he'd like to do, we're trying to put together a strategic position paper that positions the regional development organization in an appropriate way, really advocating who we are as a critical part of the delivery system. "I'm really excited about this and there is a lot that these organizations such as North Central can bring to the conversation. A lot of the things that we're hearing that are coming out of the new administration lend themselves to who we are and what we do.