Commissioners re-adopt Section 3 Plan

The Elk County Commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday morning to re-adopt the Elk County Section 3 Action Plan.The Section 3 Action Plan is required to be re-adopted every one to two years.“Elk County has a Section 3 Action Plan in place,” said Community Devlopment Block Grant coordinator Tracy Gerber. “It's a requirement of funding through Housing and Urban Development and any funding received through there.“There have been no changes to the plan.”The Section 3 Action Plan promotes equal employment and development opportunities by gaining support from all administrative levels in establishing action plans, maintaining continual evaluation, and making adjustments to retain focus and progress toward its goals. A Section 3 Action Program endeavors to realistically reinforce the concept that all segments of our society have an opportunity to participate in public service on a competitive basis and advance in accordance with capabilities.“Section 3 is the promoting of equal opportunity employment,” Gerber said. “Anybody bidding on my particular program for CDBG, any bidders that have the intention of hiring for that particular project must give training and employment opportunities to any low-income residents that are living within the service area of the project.”In addition, the Elk County Commissioners voted unanimously to re-adopt the Elk County Minority and Woman's Business Enterprise Plan.For more information on this story, see the Dec. 8 edition of The Daily Press.